If you see a plastic bottle on your tire, be very careful


Living in an increasingly modernized world will always continue

to present various challenges, from paying more and more bills to the constant demands of work.

In the midst of these pressures, it’s important to also look out for our personal safety

– especially in situations where, if the signs are ignored, it could have severe consequences.

So, pay attention and take immediate action if you ever find a plastic bottle stuck between your car tire and frame. In such a situation, dial 911 immediately. Keep reading to find out why…

These days, thieves are becoming more and more inventive. In fact, they’ve come up with a new and effective car theft tactic, and it’s causing concern worldwide!


Would-be carjackers have found a low-cost, stealthy method to steal vehicles,

and it involves using a water bottle as a signal. Although initially reported in Limpopo,

South Africa, this tactic has swiftly spread, including instances in the United States.


Here’s how the scheme unfolds: when a potential carjacker identifies a target,

they strategically place a water bottle against one of the wheels to “mark” the vehicle. The bottle is usually placed on the front passenger side wheel to avoid detection by the driver upon entering the car, according to MotorBiscuit.


As the driver starts moving the car, the empty plastic bottle makes unsettling crackling noises.

The natural reaction for most drivers is to stop the car and investigate what they might have run over. This is the perfect moment for the carjacker to strike.


If the driver leaves the keys in the car while the engine is running, the thief can swiftly enter the vehicle and drive away, leaving the owner stranded. Alternatively, the thief may seize the chance to access the car and steal valuables such as a wallet or cellphone left behind. In either case, the driver exposes themselves to potential danger when they exit the vehicle to inspect the source of the noise.


To protect yourself against this tactic, Michigan radio station WCRZ advises that drivers take a moment before getting into your car to inspect the wheels. Check for anything unusual or out of order. If you find a water bottle wedged between the tire and the frame, be on high alert. The potential thief might be observing your actions.

You can then, discreetly, use your phone to dial 911, alerting the police about the situation and expressing your concern for your safety. Provide precise details about your location and your vehicle to ensure a swift response.

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