Man moves into an all inclusive 5* resort abroad because it’s cheaper per month than rent and bills


A man relocated to a five-star all inclusive for a month after realising it was cheaper than his monthly rent and other bills.

If you’re currently sat at a table in silence working from home in a dingy study or you’re sat at an office desk  staring bleakly out the hundreth-storey window wishing you were sat on a beach with a cocktail in your hand, then your dreams could be about to become a reality.

Tik Toker Josh Kerr was scrolling the internet in search of an all inclusive holiday deal when he realised you could put ’28 nights’ as your timeframe.

Popping it in, he was surprised to see the cost for a month-long holiday – while still a big sum – was seemingly on par with his monthly rent.

And when he looked further into it, he realised it wasn’t just on par, but would actually be a better deal than his typical monthly outgoings and apartment in Manchester Uk. But how?

Josh Kerr moved to a five-star all inclusive for '28 days' (TikTok/ @joshkerr0)

Josh Kerr moved to a five-star all inclusive for ’28 days’ (TikTok/ @joshkerr0)

Josh found a five-star all inclusive resort in Antalya Turkry with a pool, gym and more which came to $1175

The TikToker then added up all his bills, rent, council tax ‘and all that jazz’ which came to £951.

“So that’s not even including food or drink or anything,” he said on an episode of Holidays: Get Away for less on ITV1.

The TikToker eventually jetted off to Turkey in a collaboration with On the Beach, staying at Port River Hotel and Spa in Antalya, indulging in multiple plates of food, flowing drinks and located just 300 meters from a ‘stunning beach’, he says in a TikTok video. Oh and it was also near an old city with beautiful old ruins for whenever Josh did fancy a change of scene – I’d probably just be fine with thecocktail, beach and pool thanks.

And it’s not taken long for people to flood to social media in awe of Josh’s hack.

It's alright for some eh? (TikTok/ @joshkerr0)

It’s alright for some eh? (TikTok/ @joshkerr0)

One X-user said: “There’s a guy that has moved into an all inclusive 5* resort in Turkey because it works out cheaper per month than his rent and bills in Manchester which doesn’t even include food… He’s found the ultimate cheat code to the cozzy livs.”

“When I get a 100 percent remote role I’ll be doing the same thing,” another added.

A third commented: “That’s bonkers.”

“Genius,” a fourth said.

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